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Welcome to Sound of Taransay


After all my years touring with the Tannahill Weavers I have finally got round to recording my first CD -- Sound of Taransay.

The Sound of Taransay is a body of water which lies just off the Isle of Harris and rolls onto the beautiful sandy beaches of Luskentyre.

The Air Sound of Taransay on this CD I composed many years back while on tour with the Tannahills.

I have recorded with three different flutes, D, Eb and my lovely F flute. The whistles I recorded in A, D and Eb. The A whistle is an Overton and the D and Eb are made by the great man himself, Michael Burke.

In many ways, this album has turned out to be a gathering of many friends whom I've had the great pleasure of sharing a stage with over the years....

Brilliant musicians! Wonderful people!--Just a joy to play with...

Many thanks to them all.



Track List...

01 / Finavon Castle

Finlay MacLennan Smillie of Finavon Castle Phil MacLennan Smillie

Braes of Castle Grant Duncan MacDonald & Pipe Major G S MacLennan

Ruileadh Cailleach, 'heatadh Cailleach Traditional


02 / Captain Kim Frizzell

Savannah waltz Phil MacLennan Smillie

Captain Kim Frizzell Phil Maclennan Smillie


03 / Sound of Taransay Phil MacLennan Smillie


04 / West of Rockall

Captain Craig Brown Pipe Major Charles Cameron

West of Rockall Phil MacLennan Smillie


05 / Reel for Ruairidh

The Golden Road Phil MacLennan Smillie

Reel for Ruairidh Phil MacLennan Smillie

06 / West Coast Airs

Aignish Traditional

Oran Na Cair-Ora Traditional

The Mermaid Song Traditional


07 / Old Pier Road

Ca Beleno Phil MacLennan Smillie

The Bell Rock Phil MacLennan Smillie

Old Pier Road Phil MacLennan Smillie


08 / The North Shore Phil MacLennan Smillie


09 / Major John MacLennan

Major John MacLennan Gordon Highlanders Pipe Major G S MacLennan

Jessie Smith Traditional

Domhnall Dubh Traditional


10 / Megan's Wedding

Strath March Phil Cunningham

Megan's wedding Finlay MacRae

A Special Thanks To...


Ross Ainslie (Trecherous Orchestra, Salsa Celtica) Kenny Forsyth (ex Tannahill Weavers)

Russell Hunter (Piano - Theater, Para Handy) Gary Innes (Mànran)

Aaron Jones (Old Blind Dogs, Litha) Hugh McCallum (Fergie MacDonald Band)

Dougie MacLean (Dougie MacLean Band) Charlie McKerron (Capercaillie, Session A9)

Grant Milne (Sound and Mastering Engineer) John Martin (Tannahill Weavers)

Dougie McCance (Red Hot Chilli Pipers) Stuart Morison (ex Tannahill Weavers)

Fred Morrison (Fred Morrison Band) Patsy Seddon (Sileas, The Poozies) ...and my wife Maggie!...

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