Sound of Taransay : Reviews

"After many years touring with The Tannahill Weavers, Phil finally made and produced his first CD. Recorded using three different flutes and utilising the highly regarded talents of many of Scotland's top musician friends like Dougie MacLean, Ross Ainslie, Fred Morrison, John Martin and Patsy Seddon. This irresistible combination of tuneful composing, skilled arrangement and talented musicians make it an extraordinary and melodic album."  
          -The Scots Magazine

"I received a copy of Sound of Taransay and have been playing it on my radio show, I absolutely love it! A great variety of tracks and such great music. Seldom do I pick up an album that so quickly becomes a favourite but this is quality from start to finish. (And by the way - I LOVE the cover and ALL the artwork too - gorgeous!)"  
          -Shona McMillan, Celtic Reflections

"I have had the pleasure of listening to this first solo recording of Phil's and have not been disappointed. The flute playing is sweet, as are the tunes, many of which are his own compositions. The variety and choice of material struck me by its sheer musicality. This is a welcome addition to my CD collection and I am sure you are going to enjoy it as much as I have."
          -Iain MacDonald

"I met Phil for the first time in 1982, when he was on tour in Brittany with the inimitable Tannahill Weavers. It was also the first time I ever heard a flute flanked by such an immense instrument like the Highland pipes on one side and an ardent artillery of strings on the other. How he coped with that line-up, I still don't know, but to this day I remember Phil as a real pioneer. Innovators should get a medal for bravery!
"A great CD! Thanks for your music Phil and for the lesson too, et bonne route!"
          -Jean-Michel Veillon